Online CPD: Restructuring Options for SMEs

Restructuring Options for SMEs

The current economic climate has made it difficult for many SMEs to survive and thrive.

Cash management, demanding clients, difficult suppliers, strong competition, employee satisfaction, time and resource constraints and regulatory and compliance pressures can inhibit a business from focusing on its core competencies. If these challenges escalate it can impact the bottom line and threaten the SME’s very existence. In this situation a SME has two options: try to save the business through restructuring or to wind-up the business, in the best interests of all stakeholders, by implementing an exit strategy that minimises the financial consequences.

In this seminar Maureen Leslie and Antonia McIntyre will look at a range of restructuring options such as informal (nonstatutory) solutions, corporate simplification, administrations and Company Voluntary Arrangements which can enable the
company or business to continue. For a number of reasons ongoing trading is not always an option so the seminar will also look at managed wind downs and the associated directors’ duties.

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