mlm Accomplish is a knowledge initiative provided by mlm Solutions

A partnership approach to accomplishing your clients' financial objectives.

mlm Solutions is a financial recovery, restructuring and insolvency boutique committed to supporting accountants and lawyers whose clients, be they companies or individuals, encounter financial difficulties.

We understand that facing up to financial challenges can be an extremely difficult and stressful time for your clients. At the same time we also realise that business recovery, restructuring and insolvency may not be something you deal with on a regular basis.




Even if you are willing and able, legislation may dictate that you are not authorised to provide advice. We are there to help and can do so without compromising your existing client relationships.

mlm Accomplish is a knowledge initiative for accountants and lawyers which highlights our expertise, develops positive brand advocacy and cultivates relationships and mutually beneficial opportunities.

Supporting your clients when they are in financial distress

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